Example recipes

We are often asked ‘what kinds of things can I bake?’

Whilst we encourage people to use their imagination, here are some links to some simple, tasty recipes which may help you get going.

Flapjacks are easy to make, transport easily and last longer than some other bakes. This is a very simple recipe, which can be adapted by more confident bakers.


Alteratively, small cup cakes always get good feedback from our clients. Again, this is is a simple recipe that can be adapted depending on ingredients that you have at home. They make a tasty treat with or without a topping


Finally, how about a traybake? Traybakes are a great way to make 6 or 7 packets of bakes, from one tray. There are so many recipes out there. For example, here is a link to some BBC good food ideas.


Don’t let these ideas restrain you, just be mindful of the rules in the handbook and let your imagination run wild.